Atlanta has an affordable housing crisis.

We solve it through social & capital investment.


The housing crisis negatively impacts all stability in a neighborhood, be it emotional, financial, or familial.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Help us end this tragedy in our village.


What we do:
  1. Purchase property
  2. Keep property at reasonable rental rates for low & middle class folks
  3. Provide capital partners with 8% returns
What do we buy?


Mark Regal is not a person, but who we see the underserved capable of becoming:
people Marked by Regal characteristics.

Since regal signifies royalty, we treat every one with the respect they deserve by providing leadership & work opportunities in the communities we serve.

Through improved housing the homelessness rate can be reduced by up to 50%; which also translates into stability in matters of education, family, and crime.

Have a property to sell?
Have interest in attacking the crisis with us?

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